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When the Game of Life wheel starts to feel like Russian Roulette...
Allow God to anchor you in His love, and unleash a boldness to fulfill your God given purpose!
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Meet Author & Speaker Stacy Kageff


Bible teacher, Author, DJ, and Entrepreneur:

A Master's degree in Religion with a specialty in Discipleship from the Liberty University Baptist Seminary, along with years of studying the Word has equipped Stacy to teach Truth to the next generation of Christians.

Currently, Stacy has three books for sale on Amazon

  •  God At Work (with accompanying journal)

  • Living on a Prayer: God's Will or Utter Maddness?

  • Sex & the Lies You Believe

Catch Stacy live each weekday morning, 10-noon EST on

Christian Radio- Z Radio the Mix!

Check out Stacy's newest business venture at

Above the Clouds
The Book: God At Work


God at Work is an in-depth study starting with God creating us to work in Genesis.  God gave us practical tools to navigate the challenges of our work here on earth, and planning for how our work will be accounted for in eternity.

No matter your profession; you'll find valuable insights for your journey.  How to negotiate a salary or help you find encouragement when you did not get that desired promotion...    


While there is no doubt you can make money and achieve success in this world; fulfillment, righteousness, and self-worth can only come from God.  Only God can make the futile pursuits of this world matter in eternity.


No matter where you are in your career, God at Work will give you insight to works role in your life and how it fits into God’s eternal purpose.   



"One thing that really struck me in the book, God at Work, was the role of work in our lives. I honestly feel like I’ve often resented working at my jobs. I haven’t seen them as a God given place for me to allow God to refine me. I have had guilt about not being a stay at home mom. Thus, I didn’t allow myself to see God’s plan there."

Jennifer Johnson, Colorado Springs


Dancing In The Rain LLC

Mission Statement

Dancing in the Rain LLC is committed to seek truth so that we might share God’s wisdom with employees to help shed light on their individual paths. Specifically, we pray that we can share practical information so that the light of Jesus would be shown in every cubicle, retail store, assembly line, and workplace throughout the United States and throughout the world. 


"Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass...It’s learning to dance in the rain."

Vivian Greene


Books & Merchandise

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Dancing in the Rain LLC

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