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God At Work

Stacy Kageff

Most of us spend at least 2000 hours of our lives a year at work


While we work hard to provide for our families, there is a constant tension between the time we spend at work to earn a living to provide food and shelter - while also trying to invest time into our marriage, children, legacy, and our own well-being.


Even if you manage to achieve the title, house, car, spouse, children, and dog; you are still left with an emptiness that leaves you wondering what the point is. 

This can make you question yourself and think,

"Am I just wasting my time, talent, and treasures each day?"

What is worse, is that most jobs can make you feel futile and without a purpose.  How can we spend 2000 hours a year of our precious lives doing something that is so temporary and has no meaning? Is it possible to push papers in a cubicle for 20 years all for the glory of God?

God at Work is an in-depth study which starts with God creating us to work in Genesis; giving us practical tools to navigate the challenges of our work here on earth, and planning for how our work will be accounted for in eternity. 

No matter your profession, you'll find valuable insight for your journey: 

How to negotiate a salary or understand God’s will for your life.

Help find encouragement when you do not get the promotion or job resources to aid you development.

Education, success, titles, markets, product lines, the economy, and people are ever changing, and unreliable... 

Most of this world is out of your control and if you are expecting your self-worth to come from your job, your marriage, or your title, you will be sadly disappointed.


While there is no doubt you can make money and achieve success in this world:

Fulfillment, Righteousness, and Self-Worth can only come from God.


Only God can make the futile pursuits of this world matter in eternity.


No matter where you are in your career, God At Work will give you insights into how your works role fits into God’s eternal purpose.



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