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Together we  love, restore, and support women recovering from sex trafficking and exploitation.  



Building a culture of loving, restoring, and supporting others in all we do. We will provide recovery resources and services to women in a restorative care residential home where they can heal, reclaim their identities, and discover and fulfill their God-given purpose.


Chaplain Krista Hull

Founder & Executive Director

Redeem and Restore Center 
p: 262-844-5882  w:
Together we Love, Restore, Support women.
What YOU do for them, YOU do for God.  ~Matthew 25:40

Redeem and Restore Center (RRC) in Wisconsin is committed to serving, supporting, and loving survivors of sex trafficking. RRC’s goal is to buy a home in Waukesha County, in Wisconsin to give a safe place for survivors to heal and hear about Jesus. While restoration after such complex trauma is slow, a home with appropriate trauma counseling and resources is the proven method for providing a solid foundation from which the survivor can start to rebuild their lives. 

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