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Sex and the Lies you Believe-on sale now

Two people go into a bar. A distinguished man with slight gray streaks in his hair, wearing a classy suit, with the tie mindlessly loosened looks over and sees the most beautiful young woman smiling back at him. The man asks, “Can I buy you a drink?” She tosses her hair, and responds with a coy, “if you will let me buy the next round”. Seemingly confident, this man feels a rush of adrenaline and dopamine as they order drinks. The thoughts of the hectic day filled with anxiety and feelings of never being “enough” started to fade away. The burdensome feelings weighing him down of seemingly never being capable of fulfilling the needs of those around him. He is nagged by his spouse sitting at home, belittled by his arrogant boss (that job should have been his!), and he cannot even begin to satisfy the underlings that work for him that constantly complain they want more (money, vacation, accolades, whatever). It never stops! He is weary from all the demands, and they go further from his mind with each drink and each flirtatious gesture. This beautiful woman, who could certainly have any person at this bar she wanted, wants me he grins as his mind starts to wonder how she looks under that provocative shirt she is wearing. His confidences rise the more she caresses his knee, signaling that she is interested in him. He glances over to look at his glass, as it is almost empty and spots his wedding band. Unaware of his actions, he twists the ring, and it catches her eye as well. She puts her hand on top of his, covering up the ring, and asks with a devilish grin, “where is the Mrs. tonight?” He responds, “not sure, after all, they pretty much lead two separate lives at this point”. She smiles, kisses him on the cheek, and excuses herself to the restroom.

She feels his eyes watching her as she walks away. She feels so empowered, knowing that the slightest look back and a wink will pique his interest even more. And it does! She laughs as she heads into the ladies’ room, feeling like for the first time today she is actually in control of her life. All day, she struggled to keep up with the demands of her job, she can’t pay the rent due in a week, and her best friend just announced she was getting married! How is it that she gets to get married, and I am stuck being single? This man is successful and very attractive, he is so smart, but I bet I can make him beg me for more. She wonders what he would be willing to give up, just to have one night with her? Who can it hurt? She thinks to herself. Plus, she is very much up for a little game of cat and mouse to lull away the boredom.

While this is a very familiar scene happening across the globe in communities every day, this is no joke! Would your assessment of the situation change if he was a Deacon in the church and she sang in the church choir? Only the truth can set this couple free!! Jesus is truth, and if you claim the title of Christian, you must know who you are in Christ, or this scenario, or some version of it, is likely in your future (if it hasn’t already happened). Your identity in Christ, is a pivotal truth that you must know not only in your head, but deep in your heart! This truth will prevent much heartache and painful consequences of actions taken to validate yourself. You cannot live out your God given purpose without understanding who you are, and the enemy that is hell bent on keeping you from fulfilling it. In addition, your own insecurities will lead you down dangerous paths where many regrets lie.

I speak of these things not from a high mountain, down to those who read it. I speak from a bruised and battered heart that struggled for years, as a Christian, not understanding who I was in Christ. Learning much about what it meant to be an heir but having no practical understanding to put it into practice. Thus, leaving me with a constant void, trying to fill it first with sex, then food. While I am still suffering consequences of past decisions, the truth found in the Bible and explained in this book has set me free! It has brought me to place of contentment, and joy that I could have never dreamed of in days past. I want that for you! I am willing to be vulnerable and judged, so that you may learn the truth and be free as well!! Live free!

Check out my latest book, Sex and the Lies you Believe on Amazon!

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